She is an executive producer of high quality commercial films for international institutions and companies since many years. For more than fifteen years she is one of the main producers of the awarded Tony Petersen Film GmbH, producing creatively ambitious films since more than three decades. In 2012 she produced her first documentary “Calle del Arte” in co-production with ZDF/arte and thereafter founded her own production company JYOTI Film, focussing on social issues. In 2016 she also launched Little Big Bang a subsidiary of Tony Petersen Film GmbH to produce all kinds of branded content.


JYOTI means LIGHT in the Hindi language. With the films we develop and produce, we aim to shed light on untold stories. We are a small company based in Hamburg and Berlin, working mainly on documentaries, shorts and web films. TV documentary “Calle del arte” by Viviane Blumenschein  for ZDF / arte,  2012. Short doc “Sexual education for refugees” Jens Schillmöller for FreeMedia USA, 2016. “Nocturnal Breath” short film episode for THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL by Katrin Gebbe, Coproduction with Timpson Films New Zealand, Fantastic Fest USA, 2017. In development: “Hectarium” webseries and Food survival eco-game about the future of agriculture, funded by Canada Germany Digital Media Incentive / Medienboard , “Women with purple violets” coproduction with Behem Film Turkey, “Whitewash” coproduction with TS production France and Liman Film Turkey, “Abo Zabaal 1989 winner of Robert Bosch Stiftungspreis 2019 coproduction with Seemedia Egypt. In production: “Lift it like a girl" coproduction with Rufy’s Films Egypt


In the Audiovisual Industry sector, she is responsible for the organization of Co-Production and Market events. COORDINATOR of MAFIZ, the industry area of the Malaga Film Festival, that includes 6 events: Spanish Screenings, MAFF, (Malaga Fund & coproduction Event), Latin American Focus, Malaga Talent, Malaga Work in Progress & Málaga Doc. DIRECTOR of FILMAR, ARGENTINA audiovisual industry zone COORDINATOR of the Incubator, program created by INCAA ,Argentina. Cinema Institute for the internalization of projects in Development. She has participated as jury in SANFIC, Chile. CINEMUNDI, Brasil. ICAU, Uruguay, jury of the INCAA Incubator and INCAA award for Series TV development, Argentina. In previous years, he has organized the following Industry events: Spain TV Expo (USA), Madrid of Cinema (Spain), Historical Film Festival of La Laguna (Spain), Lanzarote Screenings (Spain), MIDIA (Spain), Has organized the Ibero-American Co-Production Forum in Huelva Film, Festival from 2000 to 2013. As a Producer, she has co-produced documentary feature films: BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: THE HISTORY OF GONZALO GUERRERO. Coproduction with Minotauro Producciones and TVUNAM, Mexico. MOTHER. Documentary about the maternity of the 21st century. NEW GIRLS 24 HOURS. Documentary on Trafficking in Women.

Málaga Film Festival was born in 1998 and in each of its editions it has aimed to achieve a series of objectives, including promoting the dissemination and promotion of Spanish cinematography, becoming a national and international reference in the field of cinematographic events and promoting Málaga’s development as an open and cultural city. The Festival, celebrating its twenty-third edition next year, contributes powerfully to the development of cinema in Spanish by presenting its best documentaries, short films etc., in addition to paying tribute to different personalities of the film industry and organizing numerous cycles, exhibitions and parallel activities. Málaga Festival aims to reach all audiences and, in its desire to present and enhance a broad panorama of cinematic culture, always aims to be attentive to training, creativity and innovation, within an activity that stands out for its dynamic character, continually evolving and transforming.

Aonan Yang is an award-winning producer and filmmaker, and among the Canadian Producers in Spotlight at Cannes 2019, Alumni of TAP, and the TIFF Talent Lab. He is currently developing multiple co-production projects in Canada, China, Germany and France. His recent producing credits include feature documentaries Primas by Laura Bari, Taming the Horse by Tao Gu, and In the Waves by Jacqueline Mills, winning awards at the Festival des 3 continents, Mar del Plata, True/False, Valdivia, RIDM Montreal, DOXA, VIFF, Atlantic Film Festival, and XiNing FIRST in China; feature drama Wilcox by Denis Côté, premiere at Locaro 2019, A Touch of Spring by Xiaodan He, won best film at the Rome ICF 2018, 4 foreign language nominations at Madrid IFF 2019, and Mon Ami Dino by Jimmy Larouche, closed the 2016 edition of the Fantasia Film Festival;   He is the founding member of GreenGround Productions and CineGround Media, the later is a unique digital camera and post production hub that caters to the independent films scene in Montreal and abroad, providing interesting leverage for international co-productions.

Since it was founded in 2008, GreenGround has produced closed to twenty short and feature length films, both documentary and fiction, from a wide range of dynamic Canadian and international filmmakers. The films GreenGround produced have been shown in major film festivals, such as Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Visions du Reel, Dok Leipzig, Yamagata International documentary Film Festival and Festival International de Cine de Mar del Plata, and have won numerous prizes. In recent years, GreenGround has completed six feature length films with the funding and support of Telefilm Canada, SODEC, the National Film Board of Canada, as well as the Québec and Canadian Arts Councils. In 2011, GreenGround created its sister company CineGround, which is a full-service post-production and camera rental company, catering to local film and commercial productions.

Cecilia Salim studied film production at ENERC (Argentinian National School of Film Experimentation and Realization). She participated in Talent Campus Buenos Aires, Laboratorio de Cine UTDT and Berlinale Talents in 2015 and 2016. In 2014, together with Georgina Baisch, she founded Murillo Cine. She produced Nele Wohlatz's El Futuro Perfecto, Golden Leopard winner for best first feature at Locarno festival (2016), and Agustín Toscano's El Motoarrebatador, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight (2018) ). She co-produced Ceniza Negra, by Sofía Quirós, which premiered at Cannes Critics’ Week (2019). 

Founded in 2014 by Georgina Baisch and Cecilia Salim. Among our productions we have Hijos Nuestros, by J. Fernández G. y N. Suárez (awarded at Malaga festival in 2016); El Futuro Perfecto, by Nele Wohlatz (best first feature at Locarno 2016); El Motoarrebatador, by Agustín Toscano (Directors’ Fortnight 2018); 1100, by Diego Castro (Biarritz 2019). Sabrina Blanco's film La Botera is in post-production. And in pre-production we have the feature film Jesus Lopez, by Maximiliano Schonfeld, with script by Maximiliano and Selva Amada.

Born in 1975, David studied History in Bordeaux University before working as a location and production manager for 12 years, on a great number of films in France. He then moved to New York for 2 years and did extensive travelling in the USA. David joined Dublin Films in 2011 and he is now the CEO of the company and it’s main producer. He dedicates himself to a strong editorial line and fights for cultural diversity. He is passionate about supporting emerging talents and independent cinema throughout the world, especially in Latin America.

Dublin Films was founded in 2006 and is based in Bordeaux, where Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region strongly supports the film industry. We produce independant films, fictions and documentaries, for cinema and television. We carry films which defend the singular points of view of their authors and which concentrate on cultural, societal and political issues, particularly on questions linked to diversity and identity. Strongly engaged on international projects, the last completed coproductions are the Syrian feature « My favorite fabric » (Cannes 2018 - Un certain regard) and a documentary from Argentina « La Vida en Común » (Visions du Réel 2019 - International Competition) ;  the last completed production is « La Arrancada » (Berlinale 2019 - Panorama). 

Born in Alba (Italy) in 1970, he moved to Turin in 1989 where he studied Philosophy, Human Sciences and Film History at the Università di Torino. In 1999 he starts the collaboration with the Torino Film Festival where in 2005 he becomes the curator of the Italian Competitions (Short Films and Documentaries). Three years later he creates a new section devoted to international documentaries in the attempt of introducing the most interesting and relevant films from a very specific and cinematic perspective in Italy: TFFdoc. From 2002 until 2009 he’s been programmer of From Sodom to Hollywood – Turin GLBT FIlm Festival for which is also edited several retrospectives – in particular the one dedicated to Fassbinder, those about queer cinema in the arabic word, the spaghetti western, and “j-ender: big bang love in japan” – and tributes to Alain Guiraudie, and Adolfo Arrieta. From 2015 to 2018 he was director of Doclisboa with Cíntia Gil. He’s still collaborating with Doclisboa curating for the 2019 edition the retrospective dedicated to Jocelyne Saab.

The Torino Film Festival, at its 37th edition in 2019 (Turin, 22 – 30 November), managed and organized by the National Museum of Cinema, is one of the most important film festivals in Italy. With a large following among both professionals and cinema enthusiasts, it focuses on "young" cinema, paying attention to the innovation of cinematographic language, new authors and new trends. It is directed by Emanuela Martini, after the direction, among others, of Nanni Moretti, Gianni Amelio and Paolo Virzì. In addition to the main competitions (reserved for Italian Feature Films, Documentaries and Short Films), the next edition of the Festival also includes a retrospective and sections out of competition such as Festa Mobile, After Hours, Onde and TorinoFilmLab.

Eduardo Villalobos is an audiovisual communicator graduated in Aesthetics, executive producer of films such as Sentados Frente al Fuego, Matar a un Hombre, Mala Junta, among others. He was president of ACORABIOBIO Association, member of the Audiovisual Industry and Arts Council in Chile. He was professor and director of the undergraduate degree in Audiovisual Communication at Duoc UC. He is now the director of Education and Industry areas at BIOBIOCINE festival, with the aim of fostering the growth of the local industry, promoting culture and supporting new talents.

Molotov Cine is a production company born with the spirit of being able to position new talents in the world of cinema, as well as supporting the creative industry. Its majority partner, Eduardo Villalobos, is the producer of feature films such as Huacho (2009), which premiered worldwide at Cannes Critics Week, Sentados Frente al Fuego (2013), Matar a un Hombre (2014), awarded as best foreign film at Sundance Film Festival, and Mala Junta (2016), among others. He recently released Amukan, by Francisco Toro Lessen, at Guadalajara Film Festival, and at SANFIC – Santiago de Chile Film Festival.

A Beninese filmmaker, Faissol Gnonlonfin holds a Master 2 in Information and Communication - Documentary Creation, Option Production, at Stendhal University Grenoble III / Documentary School of Lussas. After this training, he continues his dynamic production of audiovisual and cinematographic works and is positioned as one of the best values ​​for the African cinema. In 2011, he founded the company Merveilles Production, which produces documentaries, fiction and television series. He became executive producer at VraiVrai Films (French company) in 2014, then at Les Films du Djabadjah (Burkina Faso company) in 2015. For the last two years, he has been developing audiovisual and cinematographic works by young African directors-writers. He also provides executive production and general management for feature film shoots in sub-Saharan Africa. These productions have been awarded at several international festivals and have received numerous awards.

VraiVrai Films produces artist-driven documentary films. We privilege the original propositions and the singular points of view, we bet on the production of first and second films, and the discovery of new filmmakers. Open to the world, VraiVrai Films develops a strong relationship with the African documentary filmmakers. VraiVrai Films is a member of the association Lumière du monde and shareholder of the SVOD documentary platform Të Created in 2011, VraiVrai Films has produced almost twenty films and carry out several international co-productions, mainly with audiovisual production enterprises from African countries. Among the recent documentaries produced, there are La colère dans le vent (Anger in the wind) awarded the First Professional Film Award of the Festival Traces de vie 2016, and Vivre Riche awarded the Sesterce d'Or Georges to the Best Mid-length of the International Competition of the Festival Visions Du réel 2017 (Nyon – CH). Presently, VraiVrai Films aims to develop the national and international distribution activity of the enterprise.


Gabriela is a journalist, graduated at PUC-Rio. She currently works at Canal Brasil’s Content and Projects area, negotiating coproduction contracts, evaluating pilots and analyzing scripts.

In 2018, Canal Brasil completed 20 years of commitment to Brazilian culture. What drives the channel is diversity and its main concern is freedom – from the vignettes to every show on air. With cinema as an important part of its DNA, Canal Brasil has screened more than 4.500 films, including feature and short films. The channel also has some original shows dealing with cinema and its infinities. In addition, the programming is plural, composed of many discourses and sounds from different parts of the country. Brazilian Cinema occupies about 80% of the programming, with a collection of films composed by different times, periods and genres, from fiction to documentary. In addition, Canal Brasil has become the main coproducer of Brazilian cinema in Latin America, with 322 feature films produced in one decade. In addition to the importance of the coproduction number, the accurate curatorship and the channel’s keen eye for independent filmmaking has stood out, with the ever-increasing and consistent presence of the films coproduced by Canal Brasil in the most important international film festivals around the world.


Ivette Liang currently directs the Production Chair at EICTV-Cuba. Since 2013, she is based in Colombia and is a founding partner of the film production and training company Galaxia 311 SAS, where she serves as manager and executive producer. Filmography: Atarraya (2019), La Venganza de Jairo (2019), La Mujer de los Siete Nombres (2018), La Defensa del Dragón (2017), Sharing Stella (2016), Sady González: Una Luz en la Memoria (2015), Venecia (2014), Jirafas (2014), Los Anfitriones (2012), Ventana de Tiempo (2019), Dos de Terciopelo (2019). 

A Galaxia 311 trabalha na produção, socialização e distribuição de peças e de conhecimento relacionado a Cinema, Televisão, Publicidade e Novos Meios, sempre com a premissa de contribuir para a criação de obras que não necessariamente fazem parte dos sistemas de produção tradicionais. Apostamos na transgressão e em modelos alternativos de produção, abrindo espaços para a criação e garantindo que nossos projetos sejam economicamente viáveis. 


Researcher and curator, Janaína Oliveira holds a PhD in History, is a professor at IFRJ (Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro – Campus São Gonçalo), and was a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for African Studies at Howard University in Washington D.C. She is currently curator of Encontro de Cinema Negro (Black Film Meeting) Zózimo Bulbul in Rio de Janeiro and FINCAR, Festival Internacional de Realizadoras (International Women Filmmakers Festival) in Pernambuco. She is also a consultant for African and Black Diaspora films at Locarno Festival (Switzerland). She is a member of APAN (Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals). She is the founder and coordinator of FICINE, Black Cinema Itinerant Forum ( and will be the programmer of Flaherty Film Seminar (USA) in 2020.

Black Cinema Itinerant Forum aims to build an international network of discussions, projects and exchanges that have as a starting point and emphasis the reflection on Black Cinemas in the diaspora and the African continent (


Journalist and cultural producer with more than twenty years of experience within cinema and the creative industries, Leila had works between 1999 and 2016 at Espaço de Cinema group, in São Paulo. Worked in cultural projects at the Espaço Itaú de Cinema and between 2011/2016 worked at “Espaço Filmes” (a film distribution company) where was responsible for production and film negotiations. From May, 2017 to May 2018, worked as Executive Manager for Cinema do Brasil, a program do promote Brazilian cinema abroad. In July 2018, with her partners Patricia Durães and Ana Durães, created Dito Agência de Cinema aiming to work for films in Brazilian theaters in an alternative way. Also since 2018 is the international consultant for Arteplex Filmes distribution company.

Executive Director of DocMontevideo, Meeting of Latin American Broadcasters - Training, Market and Network Space (2009-2018). Organizer of DOCSP - International Documentary Meeting of São Paulo (2015-2018). Member of the Advisory Board of the TAL Latin American Television Network (2010-2017). Director of the Association of Producers of Uruguay (2014-2015). Coordinator of the call for documentaries Visor América Latina of the chain Al Jazeera English (2011-2014). Adviser of contents in TevéCiudad, Public TV of Montevideo (2012-2013). Jury and consultant in funds and film festivals: CNTV (Chile, 2010), INCAA (Argentina, 2011), ICAU (Uruguay, 2011), FIDOCS (Chile, 2011), DocsDF (2011), DocTVLatinoamerica , 2013), FONA (Uruguay, 2014), Cartagena Film Festival (Colombia, 2016), MiradasDoc (Spain, 2017), BAM (Colombia, 2017). Master in Documentary Creation, Pompeu Fabra University (Spain, 2006-07). Master in Business Enterprise, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain, 2014). Graduated from the School of Cinema of Uruguay (1995-99).        

DocMontevideo is a meeting of TV and Documentalists of Latin America that takes place every year, during the last two weeks of July in Uruguay. The event offers activities as training, market, networking and exhibitions, involving approximately 350 professionals and 50 decision makers.

The DOCSP – International Documentary Meeting of São Paulo - is an event of capacity building, market and exhibitions for the development of the documentary film production chain in Brazil. More than 600 professionals are involved.


María Campaña Ramia is an Ecuadorian film programmer and author based in Rio de Janeiro. She is Associate programmer at IDFA (Netherlands), programmer at Ambulante (Mexico), and advisor for EDOC (Ecuador), where she served as Artistic Director for ten years. In 2012, she co-edited the book El Otro Cine de Eduardo Coutinho, the first publication in Spanish solely dedicated to the work of the Brazilian documentarian, and received a fellowship from the Flaherty Seminar. In 2015, she directed the short film Derivadas. María has programmed festivals and showcases in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and the United States.

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam offers an independent and inspiring meeting place for audiences and professionals to see a diverse and high-quality program. The diverse nature of the event applies to the form and content of the films as well as to the cultural backgrounds of the filmmakers. IDFA offers an alternative to mass entertainment and uniformity, confirming that there is an increasing need in audiences for high-quality films that delve deep and urge us to reflect. Since 2007, the festival's New Media program IDFA DocLabshowcases the best interactive non-fiction storytelling and explores how the digital revolution is reshaping documentary art. In addition to the festival, IDFA has developed several professional activities, contributing to the development of filmmakers and their films at all stages. At co-financing and co-production market IDFA Forum filmmakers and producers pitch their plans to financiers; at Docs for Salenew documentaries are on offer to programmers and distributors; the IDFA Bertha Fundsupports filmmakers and documentary projects in developing countries; and the IDFAcademy offers a international training programs for up-and-coming doc talents.


Producer, graduated in Cinema by UFSC and in Advertising Production by UNIVALI, and post graduated in Digital Marketing by FAAP. She began her career as producer in 2008 in Florianópolis where she worked in the organization of several editions of the Children's Film Festival and assumed the role of Production Director for short films. She also worked in the exhibition sector of Paradigma Cine Arte cinema and had her own production company, Lab.Cultural. In 2013, she began her career in the distribution area at Pandora Filmes as a release producer. In 2015, she worked on the implementation of the Circuito Spcine project in the programming area, a network of public cinemas in the city of São Paulo. After that, in 2016, started working at RT FEATURES as coordinator for the commercialization of national projects. In 2018, she became executive producer of the national projects and signed the executive production of Karim Aïnouz's The Invisible Life, awarded as best film in the Un Certain Regard exhibition at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Born and raised in Portugal, Neuza Bagorro moved to Paris in 2011 to obtain a master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy and Film studies. During the course of the following years, she pursued several internships in sales, festivals and distribution. Since 2017, Neuza Bagorro joined Epicentre Films, an independent art-house film distributor and producer based in France, as part of the acquisitions and production departments.

Epicentre Films is an art-house film distribution and production company focused on Latin and European cinema. Since its creation in 1994, Epicentre has released more than 150 titles in theaters, TV and DVD. Focusing on the finest of independent filmmaking, its catalogue includes both emerging and well-known directors such as Manoel de Oliveira, Carlos Saura, Peter Greenaway, Kelly Reichardt or João Pedro Rodrigues. In parallel, Epicentre has been developing productions and coproductions of shorts and feature films (Olmo and the Seagull by Petra Costa & Lea Glob - Locarno 2016, The Last Time I Saw Macao by João Pedro Rodrigues & João Rui Guerra da Mata, Special Mention - Locarno 2012, Best International Documentary Film - Torino 2012, Bambi by Sebastien Lifshitz - Berlin - Teddy Bear - Best documentary). 

Nidia SANTIAGO founded Ikki Films in June 2011 where she produces and co-produces films with strong international potential. In her productions we find the titles: Oh Willy… by Emma de Sweaf and Marc Roles; Chulyen, a crow’s tale by Cerise Lopez and Agnes Patron (Emile Awards 2017); Gusla or the spirits by Adrienne Nowak (Slamdance 2018) ; Lupus by Carlos Gomez Salamanca (Annecy 2017); Negative Space by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter (FIPRESCI Annecy Award 2017, Grand Prix at Animamundi 2017, Oscar nominated 2018; Riviera by Jonas Schloesing Grand Prix at the Festival Regard 2019, and Sick Sick Sick by Alice Furtado (feature film co-produced with Estudio Giz (BR) and Baldr (PB) selected at Directors' Fortnight in 2019.

Ikki Films produces and coproduces original and innovative films since 2011, live and animated, shorts and feature films. The team is composed by producers Edwina Liard and Nidia Santiago. We produce films with new universes, diversity,  mix of styles. We are always looking to make thrilling, intriguing projects. Whichever the form, fiction, documentary, live, animation, production is, for us, a question of story, of images and of people. Since the beginning we have been working with filmmakers from all over the world (Poland, Colombia, Japan, USA, Lithuania, France). We intent to continue this kind of collaborations with other countries as we strongly believe cinema is the reflection of the world. Our films have been selected and awarded in festivals such as Annecy, Anima Mundi, Animatou, Clermont-Ferrand, Hot Docs, Animfest Zagreb, Stop Motion Barcelona, Fantoche, FICAM, Tampere, Edinburg, Helsinki, Hiroshima, Uppsala, Director’s Fortnight (Cannes 2018), The Academy Award (Oscars 2018) and many others all around the world. 

Pablo Iraola was born in Buenos Aires, in a family of movie exhibitors. He made an academic career in engineering, but his passion for seventh art eventually spoke stronger. In 2001, he joined Patagonik Film Group as Commercial Director and was responsible for the premieres of over 25 titles in Latin America, both author films and box office hits. In 2008 he moved to Portugal and a year later founded, together with Pandora da Cunha Telles, the film and television production company Ukbar Filmes, with which he has produced dozens of projects and participated in major national and international festivals. He is regularly present in audiovisual markets and often participates as a speaker in production forums (Guadalajara and San Sebastian). Alongside Ukbar Filmes, he joined Eliane Ferreira at Muiraquitã Filmes, a Brazilian-based production company. Since 2017 he has been a tutor at the Bienalle College of Cinema (Venice) and every year he is invited to give lectures at the Master’s degree course in Cinema at Carlos III University in Madrid. He has been a member of juries at San Sebastian and São Paulo international film festivals, and has also been part of the Guadalajara International Film Festival selection committee. He is a member of the European Producers Club, the European Film Academy and the Portuguese Academy of Cinema.

Created in 2009, UKBAR FILMES is one of the leading production companies in Portugal. Exploring the tenuous barrier between author cinema and narrative cinema, Portuguese or foreign, UKBAR FILMES produces both documentaries and fiction films, mostly internationally co-financed. Our latest productions balance between the top 5 of the national box office and selections at major international festivals. Good stories take us everywhere in the world.


Graduated in Social Communication at PUC-RJ, specializing in Executive Production in TV & Cinema at ESPM-RJ and in Script and Fiction Genres at Robert McKee's seminars, Paula Muniz works as Artistic and Content Coordinator for GNT, Viva and +Globosat since 2006, being responsible for designing, selecting and overseeing new national fiction and nonfiction projects for TV and internet. She has coordinated over 40 nonfiction series and about 6 fiction productions, including As Canalhas, a format purchased by Hulu. From 2003 to 2010, Paula was also the executive editor of Manhattan Connection, the first Brazilian cable television show recorded in New York City. In 2018, she coordinated 02 special shows in partnership with Yellow Shoes, both recorded at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

GNT is a brand with values and tools capable of provoking reflection on the human behavior of its time and proposing new ways and possibilities for its audience. The evolution of the channel is closely connected to the transformation of the female universe in Brazil. Today, GNT seeks to be a mirror and a beacon for its audience, creating an intimate, innovative and ideal environment for its content to be increasingly desired. It has been voted 10 times the most admired pay-TV channel and considered the most modern, elegant and charming pay-TV channel for 6 consecutive years. We currently air about 50 shows on TV, reaching about 12 million people a month. And on digital platforms, our publications reach 50 million views per month. In total there are over 90 talents involved and over 1,100 episodes produced per year, totaling about 700 hours.

Film producer based in Mexico and Uruguay. His name can be seen in the credits of films such as El Baño del Papa, by Enrique Fernández & César Charlone (Un Certain Regard, Cannes, 2007), Água Fría de Mar, by Paz Fábrega (Tiger Award, IFF Rotterdam, 2010), Un Monstruo de Mil Cabezas, by Rodrigo Plá (opening film at Orizzonti, Venezia, 2015), Boi Neon, by Gabriel Mascaro (Special Jury Prize at Orizzonti, Venezia, 2015), Pájaros de Verano, by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra (opening film at Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes, 2018), Roma, by Alfonso Cuarón (3 Academy Awards at the Oscars: best director, best cinematography and best foreign language film) and Divino Amor, by Gabriel Mascaro (World Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival, 2019), among others. He is now a partner and producer at Cinevinay (Mexico) and Malbicho Cine (Uruguay). 

Uruguayan production company specialized in fiction, based in Montevideo. Its works include the feature films La Demora, by Rodrigo Plá (Berlinale Forum, 2012), Boi Neon, by Gabriel Mascaro (Special Jury Prize at Orizzonti, Venezia, 2015) and Divino Amor, also by Mascaro (World Dramatic Competition at Sundance Film Festival, 2019).

With an MBA from the EM Lyon Business School, with more than 30 years of investment experience in the media and entertainment industry, Thierry Perrone has managed over US$ 500 million in the European audiovisual market. From 1990 to 1994, he was the Director of the Banque de la Cité (BNP Paribas) Audiovisual Department, responsible for credit operations and investment funds management. From 1994 to 1997, he was Director of Banque OBC (ABN Amro), responsible for credit operations, mergers, acquisitions and investments in the audiovisual sector. In Brazil since 2001, he has participated, at the request of the Brazilian government, in the creation and regulation of the National Film Industry Finance Funds – Funcines, whose model is based on the Sociétés pour le Financement de l'Industrie Cinématographique et Audiovisuelle (SOFICA), French investment funds in film and audiovisual productions. In 2008, Thierry founded Investimage Asset Management, the first Brazilian manager focused exclusively on the media and entertainment market, having raised and managed R$ 100 million.

Founded in 2008, Investimage Asset Management is the largest Brazilian investment fund manager dedicated to the media and entertainment sector, focusing on the audiovisual industry and offices in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. In addition to structuring Funcines, FIPs and FIDCs, it offers credit and advisory products on mergers and acquisitions. Investimage manages more than 80% of the existing Funcines, managing assets of over R$ 65 million. The company has a significant stake in major audiovisual content producers such as Conspiração, Bossa Nova, Glaz, Copa Studio, Oca Animation and AfroReggae Audiovisual